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Cindy Simeti

About the Designer

I'm an artist who specializes in vector illustration, with a background in both printwork and web design. I enjoy working with a bright and vibrant color palette, which combined with a clean yet detailed design approach, helps my work stand out for the gaming environment.

I received my B.F.A. in Digital Art and Design from C.W. Post, Long Island University in 2011, and in 2013 my M.A. in Digital Game Design and Development as a double-alumni. I've assisted thesis groups in art direction and implementation from start to finish - sketches, final illustrations/graphics, UI design, and even promotional works for marketing and distribution.

Currently I'm the senior programming clerk at Great Neck Library, where I edit and design all materials for community outreach regarding library services and programs throughout all of its branches. I also am the lead designer and developer behind the text-adventure game Compendium and This Game Is Not A Dating Sim. I also am working on the mobile games Ghosts in the System and Alterna Comics' Prison Escape. I'm always open for collaborating with other design projects (both game and graphic related), so feel free to contact me.



Dark Chocolate Reeses' Pieces

This was a package design project from my undergraduate work, complete with nutritional information and ingredient list at the back side. This design was all done in Illustrator.

Fruit Salad Sodapop

I decided to go with a bottled fruit soda after first having a delicious strawberry sodapop my mother used to have when she was a kid in Trinidad. The labels were also done in Illustrator, and printed onto sticker labels that were placed around the glass bottles. Caps were painted white, and the fluid inside is simply water and food coloring.

2009 Student BOLI Newsday Ad

Every year, Long Island design students enter the Student BOLI competition, which allows them to design a campaign for a non-for-profit.

2009 was New Ground, which focuses on homeless awareness and prevention. I designed print advertisements for my team, and this was my winning design. This design was done in Photoshop, sized to fit Newsday's layout size.

Scrabble and More

As a freelance designer with Island Trees Public Library, there are always new events and programs being made available to the community year round. An example of some of the flyers and mailers we display and send out is this one for a Scrabble program, available for all skill and intensity levels. This was put together with Photoshop.



Toy Box Nebula

Darkflare from the toy/collectible review blog Toy Box Nebula was in need a site redesign, and came to me for new artwork.

I created the wallpaper, banner, and buttons as seen on the site. The artworks were done in Illustrator and Photoshop, optimized for viewing on desktop, mobile, and tablet environments.

Old Portfolio Site: Salad Friends

This was my previous layout for my portfolio site, which features my fruit and vegetable characters that can be seen throughout my other work.

The site features simple animations of the characters blinking and moving around the screen, and they also doubled as navigation. The previous layout was done in Flash, with all art done in Illustator.



Conjunction Aliens: Birthday Party

This is one of the initial backgrounds for Conjunction Aliens, a Flash madlibs game that teaches grammar to third-grade students.

The game includes a variety of stories the students can play through, such as this one, a birthday party. I was art/UI lead in this thesis project, spearheaded by Lauren Perugini. All art assets for the project were done in Illustrator. The game was built in Flash and then shown on smartboards.

Conjunction Aliens: and, or, but, so

These are the main characters of Conjunction Aliens, four aliens that represent four main conjunctions primarily taught at the third-grade level.

This Game Is Not A Dating Sim

My submission for Insanity Jam 2, a quarterly online gamejam. This visual novel centers around a melon in a city of fruit who dates a grapefruit actress, and has to survive the day without being bothered by reporters and paparazzi. Art, story, and programming were done myself using Illustrator, Photoshop, and Ren'py, a visual novel engine. Audio and voices were from, myself, and my friend daggertail100.

Steampunk Airship

An unfinished render of a steampunk-styled airship I was creating for a student project.

I was inspired by the overly-dramatic and whimsical designs from the early Super Mario Bros. games, and wanted to create something with more detail. All of my 3D works are done in Maya. Since this was an early project, it's the only one shown here that doesn't have a proper texture map compared to the others.


Another student project, this time of a Domo plush I carry with me as a change purse.

I experimented with texture mapping and creating my own textures, to simulate the plush fabric feel of the original, while still keeping a minimal polygon count. All of my 3D works are done in Maya. As a recent project, the textures and shading were made in Adobe Photoshop and then mapped for rendering.

Deer Mantlepiece

An earlier student project of a deer mantlepiece that has been with my family for over 30 years.

Evan's Amazon Adventure: Journal Screen

Although this project went to a different art direction in the end, this screenshot is from the first version of Evan's Amazon Adventure.

I also was art/UI lead in this thesis project created by Lauren Perugini, and shown here is a journal entry of an animal the player can find in the Amazon rainforest. All art assets for the project were done in Illustrator, then imported into Flash.

Evan's Amazon Adventure: Forest and Interface

Although this project went to a different art direction in the end, this screenshot is from the first version of Evan's Amazon Adventure.



Waffles in Syrup

Although I like working with digital mediums, I'm also very comfortable using traditional mediums. Believe it or not, this was done with colored pencils. I carefully sketched it from a photo reference, and then borrowed its color and lighting with the pencils while bumping up the saturation as it was completed.

Concept Art: Circuits Ghosts in the System

A concept background illustration I did for Ghosts in the System, a mobile and tablet top-down puzzle-adventure game. This was not used in the final prototype since it was too busy for the player. It was referenced from a motherboard photo in Illustrator.



Game script preview: Compendium

(.PDF in new window)

Opening segment of my indie game Compendium, including image cues and player prompts. The game was made for Insanity Jam #1 using Quest, an interactive fiction engine.

Post-Mortem: This Game Is Not A Dating Sim

(new window)

A summary of the development and results behind my Insanity Jam submission.

Game review: Bioshock (XB360)

(.PDF in new window)

A playthrough analysis of the successful horror-FPS through the eyes of a newbie to the genre.

Sample SBIR proposal: Cake Dungeon

(.PDF in new window)

A finished proposal for the SBIR Grant for my thesis game, Cake Dungeon.

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